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Getting started on your customs

(We are excited to discuss ideas; knowing YOUR style, and what YOU like is crucial to us conceptualizing an artwork that meets YOUR preferences)

Drop us an email at

We know you are really excited to customize your pair of sneakers! Help us speed up the assessment and design process by including these details in your email: 

  • Shoe Model / Design 

  • Design concept / Image references. 

  • Budget (excluding the purchase of shoes)

We love discussions and ideas; let us know what YOU like! 

Make a Deposit

We don't quite know if you are interested at this point... so make a $50 deposit to lock in your request. Our designers will then get started on the rendition based on your requirements. 

The deposit can be made via iBanking, PayNow, or PayLah! for local orders. For international orders, please let our crew know and we'll provide you with more details.

We're almost there... 

Confirmation & Payment

There's always room for exploration! The deposit will entitle you up to three design revisions. A rendition confirmation is required, and your order will be processed after you make a full payment!


Don't worry, our team will ensure that the designs are within the limits of your wallet! 

Shipping your products

Global Shipping

We ship worldwide!

Whilst we try to reach every corner of the globe, some are harder to reach than others. Do bear with us as our couriers may take some time to get the shoes to you. Registered mail is used to ensure that your precious customs can be tracked. 

Options for speedier deliveries can be made available but these will cost a wee bit more! 

Shipping Shoes to Singapore

Our team operates from the little red dot!


If you are sending your shoes to us, please make arrangements and payments for your shoes to be shipped over. We receive shoes from various suppliers and clients, so a heads up will go a long way in ensuring that your shoes are well received. 

Do not forget your deposit as we are unable to accept shoes that do not have a confirmed order. 

Delivery Schedule

We're as excited as you are! 

Our team aims to minimize delays however, delivery schedules vary according to locations. As such, do expect variations in delivery schedules for locations that are further from Singapore. 

The customs require approximately a month to complete. Rest assured that our team will inform you in advance if there are unforeseen delays! 

Engage our team!

We're excited to share our interests and products with YOU!

It can be as simple as an Event Pop-up, or a Workshop, or a new project! 

Contact us at to speak to our team! 

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